Lecturing and practical workshops

Matthew has extensive experience lecturing and delivering practical workshops at agricultural colleges including Harper Adams and Brinsbury College, as well as at industry-related events in the UK and Ireland and in training sessions for Royal Veterinary College students. The topics covered are targeted to be relevant to the target audience, and can be delivered in a combination of both lecturing and hands-on workshops to be interactive as well as informative.
Topics can include:
  • Animal management: 
    • Nutrition
    • Health planning
    • Body condition scoring and its use
    • Using EID
    • Parasitic management
    • Lameness
    • Handling
    • Setting Key Performance Indicators
    • Lambing and calf workshops


  • Farm management
    • Grassland management: feed budgeting and management planning
    • Handling system design
    • Building design

Contact Matthew here to discuss lecturing and workshop requirements with him.